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Does the flexibility of working for yourself appeal to your lifestyle and family?


Do you have a passion for working with people?


Are you an engaging and fun person to be around?


Are you passionate about promoting early childhood learning?


Have you always wanted to own and manage your own business?



Then Baby Sensory & Toddler Sense may be the perfect fit for you!




Baby Sensory Australia and New Zealand is a family-owned Australian business offering the award-winning Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense programmes which promote early learning and sensory development in babies aged up to 13 months and toddlers aged 13 months to 3.5 years.

The programmes were created by Dr Lin Day, one of the UK's leading parenting experts and renowned authors in childcare and education, and are backed by 40 years of research in childhood learning and development. 


Becky Hughes, owner and director of Baby Sensory Australia and New Zealand, introduced the programmes to Australia and New Zealand when she relocated to Australia in 2009.


Through over 70 franchised Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense businesses across Australia and New Zealand, the network of experienced early learning educators deliver a unique approach to early learning and sensory development to families in their local communities.


Every activity in the Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense programmes is designed to stimulate the child's senses and help nurture the bond between child and parent in a fun, inclusive and supportive environment. 



We wouldn’t be the best or win all the awards if there were only three steps to join our team.


Below is a summary of our ‘’baby steps’’ to becoming your own boss and owning a Baby Sensory or Toddler Sense Franchise:


Step 1: Initial Screening


After receiving your Expression of Interest Form we will send you our Prospective Franchise Introductory Information Pack. The Master Franchisee for your State or Territory will contact you, otherwise you will be contacted by our Head Office.


Step 2: Visit a class

Once you have reviewed the pack you will be invited to view a class including class set up, delivery, cleaning and pack up.


Step 3: Meet your Master Franchisee


An informal meeting will then be arranged to discuss our Franchise opportunities in more depth (finances, hours of working, lifestyle, passions for development, support structures etc).  Before this initial meeting you will be asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.



Step 4: Application & Business Plan Phase


After the initial meeting you will be asked to complete our Prospective Franchisee Application Form and to provide a Business Plan summary for the franchise area you are investigating.



Step 5: Application Form and Business Plan Review


Your application will be reviewed by the Master Franchisee and Head Office and a meeting will be arranged to discuss your application.



Step 6: Head Office catch-up


Head Office will then arrange a catch-up call to confirm your suitability and also to answer any questions you may have.



Step 7: Audition


If you are successful and your application proceeds, you will be required to complete an Audition. This will be comprised of a number of Baby Sensory or Toddler Sense activities and will be an opportunity for you to sit at the front of the class and experience being a Class Leader first-hand.



Step 8: Pre-Contract Class Visits


You are required to visit at least two existing Franchisees or classes during the application and audition stage. The purpose of these visits are for you to gain familiarity with the program, the operations side of the business and understand the culture and expectations required as a Franchisee.


Step 9: Contract Review Stage

A copy of our Draft standard Baby Sensory/Toddler Sense Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Documents will now be issued so you can review the contents, seek legal, accounting and business advice as necessary, and make sure you are happy with the contents of our agreements.

Before you can receive these documents, you will be asked to pay a fully refundable deposit into our lawyer’s trust account as evidence of your commitment.  This deposit will be refunded in full should you decide not to proceed an acquire a franchise.


Step 10: Seek final independent 3rd party business and contract advice

You will be advised to seek independent accounting, legal and business advice on the Disclosure Documents and Franchise Agreement to help you to complete your review and make sure you are happy with everything.


Step 11: Contracts Signing

If you are happy to proceed and acquire a Franchise, then your Final Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Documents will be issued.  After the required Statutory Disclosure Period has passed, the documents will be signed by yourself as a new Franchisee, the Master Franchisee and Head Office.

You are now part of our team and can proceed to training.


Step: 12 Training

Our people are our most important asset and teaching you the Baby Sensory or Toddler Sense way, while equipping you with the tools and confidence to succeed, is especially important to us.

The training and support package includes detailed training in every aspect of running Baby Sensory or Toddler Sense sessions and comprehensive guidance and support covering business planning and marketing.


If you are interested in finding out more about franchising in general then the ACCC's Free Franchising course is a great place to start - Franchising free course | ACCC





Baby Sensory Australia and New Zealand were recently named a winner in multiple categories in The What's On 4 Kids Awards 2019


  • Best National Baby Activity 0-2 years
  • Best Parent and Child Activity
  • Leading International Children's Activity Provider
  • Best Franchised Activity—People's Choice Award
  • Outstanding Coach/Teacher (0-5 years) – won by a Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense Franchisee and Class Leader from WA


Baby Sensory was also previously named as the ‘Best National Baby Activity (0-2 years)’ at the What’s On for Kids Australia Awards for 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2014.



Toddler Sense was named as a Finalist for the ‘Best National Preschooler Activity (2-5 years)’ in 2017 and as a Finalist for the ‘Best National Toddler Activity (2-3 years)’ in 2018 and 2019.



Baby Sensory Australia and New Zealand are a member of the Franchise Council of Australia. 

Baby Sensory Australia and New Zealand Founder and Director, Becky Hughes, was named as the 2020 WA Franchise Woman of the Year in the Franchise Council of Australia awards.  She was also honoured to be named as a Finalist in the National Franchise Woman of the Year award.