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Our company started under the Baby Sensory banner, but as our expertise and programmes have broadened, we decided we needed an umbrella brand. If you have ever been to any of our classes, “Wow!” is a commonly used exclamation from both parents and the children themselves.

And it sums up what we are all about.

We introduced WOW because our breadth of offerings now encompasses more than a single-age category. We are not just a baby company, nor a toddler one. We have developed programmes which cover a range of situations for the family, and….you guessed it, they are all WOW!

What WOW  means for our business partners (franchisees) and employees

Our vision is for you to:-

  • be among the very best equipped and trained people working within the family activities market
  • be a part of an award-winning team 
  • have the very best support for your business
  • have brilliant new initiatives that are going to keep us ahead of the competition 
  • ensure you have a viable business that satisfies the reasons you chose to work with us
  • love your job!

When should I start my business?

We run regular training events throughout the year for our franchises and their employees. For more information on franchise and training opportunities please contact us at 

The future of WOW

Each of our franchise brands has its specific programme champion(s). These champions are the founders with an in-depth understanding of their programme within our whole brand. They have specialist skills and training to support the ongoing development of the programme. They also have the desire to remain the best in their field (see ‘Our Team on our website).

It is in this way we can assure all those we work with, customers and business partners alike, that we will be able to deliver on our vision year-after-year.

Read through the websites to find out about the specific programme that interests you.